Ongoing Program Support

With unrelenting market evolution and the occasional dramatic economic shock, many issuers struggle with staying up-to-date on what their program needs. Or even measuring how it is doing on a regular basis! Card expertise is hard to come by, and even the most capable internal team can find it difficult to keep an objective eye on such a critical asset. Unfortunately, when a card program goes wrong it can do long-term damage to entire relationships, cause disproportionate financial pain, and lose ground which can take years to regain. As TRK has grown, we have come to see that some clients value ongoing program support to buttress their internal resources and staff. For this reason, TRK Advisors provides ongoing support such as:

  • Monthly dashboard reporting across elements of profitability, growth, risk and other priorities specific to each client.
  • Periodic program performance reporting updates and reviews
  • Board and management updates, including benchmarking against market competition
  • “Sounding board” support as card staff and management consider new initiatives or program changes
  • Development of issuer-specific planning models to tie together annual (or more frequent) growth plans to marketing requirements and operational support resources

Case Study #1: Restarting a Card Program

After selling their credit card business several years prior, this institution decided to start issuing credit cards again. Based on our proprietary data set of over 125 institutions which made this same decision, TRK Advisors provided our client with the expert guidance required to evaluate all of the pros and cons of this opportunity. Upon deciding to go forward, we then provided quick and actionable project support, including product set design, pricing structures, reward program elements, marketing plans and programs, average and best-in-class benchmarks for peers, internal reporting and risk control structures, customer base segmentation methodologies, forecasting techniques, portfolio management plans, and ongoing guidance related to all elements of the rollout and program management.

This client is now generating its own accounts, better satisfying its customers and will be positioned to successfully do so for many years to come. Card is now a critical component of overall relationships as well as generating meaningful profitability to the entire institution.


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  • Kick-starting Growth
  • Product Updates for Today's Market
  • Consider an Agent Program

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